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Asking for grants by the MBM for concerts, events and other projects, please use the following application form:

application fom                        application form

Asking for grants by the MBM for editing work and assistance for printing costs, please use the following application form and the form for the publishing house’s calculation of printing costs that needs to be attached to the application:

application form editions        application form editiones

calculation of printing costs   calculation of printing costs

For questions on submitting applications or further information please contact us: Frau Hage, office Michaelstein and Frau Dr. Siegfried in Halle (Saale) will be pleased to assist you.

Please note that the final submission date for project applications is always March 31 of the preceding year (for projects in 2015 this will be March 31, 2014)!

Please leave adequate time for the application process, including possible time for personal advice, to complete and prepare the application.

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