17 | „A Journey toSplendor“Veranstaltungen

17 | „A Journey toSplendor“
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Frontiersmen – Bridge Builders. The new program of Michel Godard with (and based on) works of Heinrich Schütz, Christoph Bernhard, Michel Godard, GavinoMurgia and Claudio Monteverdi

Saturday, 15.10.2016, 20:00 Uhr | Weissenfls, Schlosskirche St. Trinitatis

17 | „A Journey toSplendor“

You have to love that sound! Michel Godard from France does indeed do this, and, is at the same time one of the most remarkable jazz musicians and tuba players in Europe. He is also one of the few people, who is equally virtuostic on the serpent, that ancient serpentine instrument, an ancestor of the modern tuba. This extraordinary virtuosity on such different instruments makes Godard’s playing unique in both realms – jazz and baroque. And like every “real” jazz-player, the music of Schütz, Monteverdi, and their contemporaries are, in the end, “merely” sources of inspiration testifying to a new and contemporary sonic world.

After Michel Godard, at the request of the HEINRICH SCHÜTZ MUSIC FESTIVAL in 2014, enriched his Monteverdi project with some new (to him) works by Schütz, he enjoyed an enormous success in Weißenfels and Dresden. This exceptional musician was animated to extend his involvement with the Sagittarius, and to create a new project. This project deals exclusively with Schütz and the inspiring grandeur, glory, and greatness of his music.

One can rest assured that this frontiersman between the worlds - old and new music, classic and jazz, with ancient and modern instruments - will offer something that is at the same time stimulating and surprising. All the better, that the premier of this program will be celebrated at the HEINRICH SCHÜTZ FESTIVAL in 2016!


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Guillemette Laurens, mezzosoprano
Fanny Paccoud, violin
Bruno Helstroffer, theorbe
Marthe Perl, violin
Michel Godard, serpent and bass guitar
GavinoMurgia, bass and soprano saxophone

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