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12 | The Travels of Marco Polo, or Nothing about Love
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A Chinoiserie in Words and Music

Friday, 14.10.2016, 19:00 Uhr | Bad Köstritz, Kirche St. Leonhard

12 | The Travels of Marco Polo, or Nothing about Love

Marco Polo spent twenty years with the Mongols and the Chinese – or so he claimed. Even contemporaries questioned the factual content of his travel books. Nevertheless, the fascination with his colorful depictions of the “Middle Kingdom” [China] was not diminished. It is tempting to think that Marco Polo’s writings could have been addressed to an imaginary lover in his home country… 

The actress Eva Mattes follows the trace of the famous Venetian, whose name, even nowadays, suggests a cultural bridge between Europe and China. It is therefore fitting, that the LauttenCompagney offers a fascinating fusion of European baroque music and traditional Chinese music. With Wu Wei, a sheng (mouth-organ) virtuoso, one experiences a current frontier between cultures of the East and West. The press described a concert of the LauttenCompagneyatthe Rheingau Musik Festival in 2012 as a “jam session without jazz”, and as “apotential smash hit”. As part of AEQUINOX in 2014, the program was first presented as a musical diary with Eva Mattes.


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Eva Mattes, speaker
Wu Wei, sheng & erhu

Lautten Compagney Berlin
Martin Ripper, flute | Catherine Aglibut, violin
Annette Rheinfurth, violin | Peter Bauer, percussion
Hans-Werner Apel, theorbe und baroque guitar

Wolfgang Katschner, artistic direction, theorbe und lute

Book: Christian Filips

Tickets: 19,- € | 11,- € | Junior!: 5,- €