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8 | Sounds of the Soul
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such disparate and fantastical music” – works out of the „Berliner Gambenbuch“ [Berlin Book of Gamba| as well as from Heinrich Schütz, Tobias Michael, Esaias Reusner, Wilhelm Karges, and others.

Tuesday, 11.10.2016, 14:30 Uhr | Dresden, Kammermusiksaal Palais im Großen Garten

8 | Sounds of the Soul

A journey through the history of an unusual instrument – and at the same time a world exploration: “It appears to me, that whatever constitutes the essence of music, nothing more wonderfullyunites as the viola da gamba, the most perfect instrument that is present in the world. – That is why this worthy instrument should with ease be able to bring forth such disparate and fantastical music, as is also the case with the lute.” This was noted in 1607 by the former soldier and master of the viola da gamba, Tobias Hume. The viola da gamba emerged in 1500 in Italy, and quickly conquered the nobility of Europe, not least of all because the gamba can only be played in the seated position. It was, therefore, useless for wandering minstrels and became a favorite of the aristocracy. There was no danger of the instrument becoming swept away by the “common folk”. Were the worlds of musical standing and sitting indeed so removed from each other? Or were they in the end not so far apart? 

In cooperation with the association Palais Großer Garten e. V. within the framework of the series “Open Palace – Music and Art in Dresden’s Großen Garten “.


Ensemble Art d'Echo
Kai Roterberg, vocals
Magnus Andersson, lute
Klaus Eichhorn, organ

Juliane Laake, Viola da gamba and artistic direction

Tickets: 12,50 € | reduced 10,50 € | Student/Junior!: 5,- €