6 | Via regia Veranstaltungen

6 | Via regia
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Music on the roads – byHeinrich Schütz, Samuel Scheidt, Johann Rosenmüller, Christian Ludwig Boxberg, Andreas Hammerschmidt, and Johann Knöfel,among others

Sunday, 09.10.2016, 17:00 Uhr | Weissenfls, Schlosskirche St. Trinitatis

6 | Via regia

The silk road, the salt road, via regia, via imperii, the golden path… - trade routes are ways of transporting merchandise on land and water. They have existed since time immemorial, and were especially important in antiquity for international trade. They were the foundation for the global economy. But not only that: they were also channels of communication and ideas, which paved the way for new ideas. There was always a cultural exchange taking place here. Whereever music was heard, traveling musicians listened to it with open ears and awakened spirits. The “High Road” [via regia] was one of those trade routes. For several centuries it was the most important transport connection from Central Germany to Silesia and was protected, along with other imperial roads, under a special peace agreement. The via regia led from Halle on the Saale River over Leipzig, through the Oberlausitz (Bautzen, Löbau, Görlitz, Lauban) until Breslau.


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Ensemble Noëma
Viola Blache
, Sopran
Claudia Mende, Violine
Christine Trinks, Violine und Viola
Benjamin Dressler, Viola da gamba und Violone
Zita Mikijanska, Orgel 

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