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5 | Nevertheless be undaunted!
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A literary-musical program focused on the poet, doctor, and traveler to the Orient Paul Fleming, with music of his time

Sunday, 09.10.2016, 15:30 Uhr | Bad Köstritz, Heinrich-Schütz-Haus

5 | Nevertheless be undaunted!

Works from Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, Andreas Hammerschmidt,
Constantin Christian Dedekind, Gustaf Düben, and Persian traditional music, with a reading from the writings of Paul Fleming, Adam Olearius, Martin Opitz and Erasmus Alber.

“Nevertheless be undaunted! Nevertheless do not give up!
Don't give way to any misfortune! Stand higher than envy!"

Paul Fleming: Teütsche Poemata [Poems in German] (1642)

Paul Fleming is one of the most important poets of the 17th century. He dedicated one of his poems to Heinrich Schütz; he was in close contact with the cantor at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig,Johann Hermann Schein, and with the writer and scholar Adam Olearius. Between 1633 and 1639, Fleming took part as a court squire in the tour of the Holstein Embassy. This otherwise unsuccessful enterprise would become famous through the travelogue of Adam Olearius(Offt begehrte Beschreibung Der Newen Orientalischen Reise, 1647) [The Oft-Requested Description of the New Oriental Journey]


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Ensemble barock a.c.c.u.u.t. Leipzig
Matthias Schubotz, vocals and recitation
Antje Sehnert, flute and moderation
Sabine Heller, harpsichord

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